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Welcome to the MindJolt Games developer portal.

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What is MindJolt?

MindJolt Games is the leading game portal for social networks. By adding just a few simple lines of code to your game, you can use our API to leverage the social and viral aspects that are inherent to social networking. When you submit a game, it will appear on MindJolt Games on Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Hi5 and Orkut, as well as mindjolt.com. Leave the difficulties of integrating with each of the social networks up to us, so you can concentrate on the actual games themselves.

API Information:

Note: We have recently updated our AS2 api.

How to add the AS2 or AS3 score submission api to your game

The newest version of the Flash plugin all but makes LocalConnection useless on Macintosh computers.

Because of this problem, and other strange quirks that keep getting introduced in LocalConnection, we have decided to abandon its use in our AS2 api. (Our AS3 api never used LocalConnection.)

As such, we have rebuilt our AS2 api to work almost identically to our AS3 api.

We will continue to support our older games that use the old LocalConnect AS2 api. But, all new games submitted to MindJolt will require the use of the new AS2 api.

Game Sponsorship:

MindJolt is now sponsoring games! Click here for more information.